Fishing First Aid: How to Remove a Fishhook

Fishing can be quite a relaxing activity, but as harmless as it may seem, accidents do happen.  While serious accidents are uncommon, fishhooks and the trauma they can cause happen more often than you may think. Although most injuries are minor, mastering the techniques of how to remove a fishhook could save you from a … Continued

What to Look For: Symptoms of Overheating and Heat Exhaustion

Feeling the heat? When left untreated, heat exhaustion can progress to the point of heatstroke; a serious life-threatening condition. Heat exhaustion is characterized by a body temperature greater than 103°F. High body temperatures could cause brain or vital organ damage. Instead of leaving yourself or others at risk, it helps to know the signs of … Continued

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health on a Daily Basis

Have you ever felt motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle but you didn’t know where to begin? If so, you’re not alone. Over 40% of Americans also feel overwhelmed. Do you want to learn some simple ways you can improve your health on a daily basis? Keep reading for seven must-know tips that make healthy living a … Continued

3 Camping Safety Tips for Happy Camping

Camping is s very popular activity, and that popularity is increasing. Millenials now make up 40% of all campers.  As camping becomes more widespread, safety knowledge needs to as well. Getting back to nature is fun, but it can get dangerous if you’re not careful. The average camper may find themselves dealing with any number of … Continued