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A doctor points to a patient’s hand and reviews a hand X-ray of the patient in a doctor’s office.

Urgent Care With X-Ray: Understanding Where to Go When You Need an X-Ray

Thousands of people visit a doctor’s office for an X-ray each year.

An X-ray is a standard imaging tool to evaluate and diagnose many injuries and health conditions.

If you or a loved one experiences an injury or condition that requires an X-ray for further evaluation, you may be wondering where to go. 

While emergency rooms are often the first choice for medical emergencies, they can be expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, urgent care centers with X-ray capabilities, such as Getwell Urgent Care, are becoming increasingly common.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss when and why you should visit urgent care with X-ray to take a better look at your injury or health condition. Read on to learn more.

First, When Do I Need an X-Ray?

X-rays diagnose conditions that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as broken bones or lung infections. 

An X-ray is recommended if you experience symptoms such as pain, swelling, or difficulty breathing. 

Here are a few common scenarios when an X-ray may be necessary:

  • Suspected broken bone: If you experience sudden, severe pain after a fall or injury, an X-ray can determine whether you’ve fractured one or more bones in the affected area. 
  • Chronic pain: If you have been experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort, an X-ray may be needed to investigate the underlying cause.
  • Difficulty breathing: If you have a persistent cough or difficulty breathing, a chest X-ray may be ordered to look for signs of lung infection or other respiratory problems.
  • Abdominal pain: If you experience abdominal pain, an X-ray may be used to check for issues, including severe constipation, appendicitis, or kidney stones.

Does Urgent Care Do X-Rays?

If you’ve wondered, “Where can I get an X-ray?” Your local urgent care may be the best option.

Many urgent care centers, Getwell Urgent Care included, have on-site X-ray machines. 

These centers offer a more convenient and affordable option for patients who need an X-ray but do not require emergency medical attention.

On-site X-Rays Are Available Now at Getwell Urgent Care

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether a new injury or chronic condition could be something more severe than it seems. That’s why imaging is so important to provide a full-scope view of what you’ve sustained. 

If you or a loved one suspects that you could have broken a bone, a lung infection, or another condition that requires imaging diagnosis, you should get an x-ray at urgent care so that proper treatment can begin sooner. 

Getwell Urgent Care is open seven days a week to provide prompt, personalized care and treatment.

No appointments are ever necessary. Walk in to get seen and get your x-ray completed today.