Bronchitis vs. Pneumonia: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you or a loved one currently experiencing a nagging cough that won’t quit? It can be hard to decipher precisely what your cough could be from, especially because most of us automatically think COVID is the underlying reason for it since the rise of the pandemic. Although many people are still testing positive for … Continued

Why Is My Heart Racing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Has nervousness or excitement ever caused you to feel like your heart was racing or beating out of your chest? This normal sensation happens to millions of people each year for various reasons. Not often linked to a serious underlying condition or heart issue, a racing heart can be a symptom or effect of an … Continued

Do I Have Allergies or the Flu? Understand the Difference

Oh, allergy season. The time of year when millions of us experience the wrath of the flowers and trees blooming all around us, which causes symptoms such as runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and stuffiness. Sometimes, symptoms can become so strong that we may begin to question whether we are living with seasonal allergies or … Continued

Why Do I Bruise So Easily? Know When to Go to Urgent Care

Bruising easily can be alarming, especially if you’re experiencing it for the first time recently. Although as many as 55% of healthy people experience easy bruising with no underlying health conditions, various reasons could cause easy bruising that you should know about. If you notice a bruise with no recollection of how you got it … Continued

Can Allergies Cause Headaches? Know When to Visit Urgent Care

According to the World Health Organization, 50% to 75% of people worldwide have experienced a headache over the last year. Headaches are one of the most common nervous system-related disorders for those aged 18-65. There are various reasons for people to complain of a headache, including the onset of seasonal or recurrent year-round allergies. At … Continued

How Long Does a Strep Test Take?

Strep throat is one of the most common diagnoses among sick children between 5 and 10 years old. Up to 20% of school-aged children may be carrying the virus without knowing it. Even with no symptoms, the virus can spread from one person to another through tiny respiratory droplets in the air. Although most common … Continued

Can an Ear Infection Cause a Headache?

If you have sinus pressure or viral infection in your ear, nose, or throat, it’s not uncommon to experience a headache as well. The ear, nose, and throat are connected and surrounded by hollow sinus cavities in the cheekbones, middle of the forehead, between the eyes, and in the nose. When you have sinusitis or … Continued