When to Seek Medical Attention for a Burn

Each year there are an estimated 486,000 people that suffer burns where medical treatment is needed. And that’s only the people who actually seek medical treatment. This is not including those who try to treat themselves. Accidents happen all the time, especially for those who like to be in the kitchen a lot. But if … Continued

Summer Spoiler: Common Sport Injuries and How to Prevent Them

In summer, everyone gets excited about extracurricular activities. This is attributed to the competitive nature of people. While it’s great to spend time outdoors as a family, summer sports can lead to sport injuries.   In the US, over 30 million children and teens take part in summer sports. That is basketball, baseball, softball, bicycling, … Continued

5 Crucial Signs of a Broken Bone and What to Do Next

From falling off a bicycle to falling down the stairs, broken bones can be extremely painful and take quite a long time to heal. If you’ve recently done a number on yourself or you’re just generally accident prone, how do you know if you’ve actually broken a bone? Around 6 million people break a bone … Continued

The Major Difference Between a Cold and the Flu

As the days get colder, so do your chances of catching a cold or flu. In fact, 5 to 20% of the U.S. population will get a cold this year. But the flu is no small thing. In the US each year, over 200,000 people are hospitalized due to the flu. More than 36,000 people die … Continued

Beginning Symptoms of a UTI You Shouldn’t Ignore

One of every five women will have at least one urinary tract infection in their lifetime. And every year, urinary tract infections lead to 10 million doctor visits. Taking care of a urinary tract infection right away will minimize discomfort and make treatment easier. Here are some of the beginning symptoms of a UTI that … Continued

When to Get Help for a Glass Splinter

Glass splinters are painful and difficult to remove because they are transparent. Splinters might seem like a minor discomfort but if not treated carefully, you can risk infection. In this article, we are going to discuss what to do if you get a glass splinter embedded in your skin and when it is time to … Continued

Nausea, Headache, and Vomiting? When to Seek Medical Help

It’s a fine line between suffering through illness and deciding to seek out medical attention. There are few things less satisfying than suffering through a waiting room only to be sent home for fluids and proper rest. Other times, it doesn’t matter what interventions you make, the flu just won’t break, or a headache won’t … Continued